Investing in RBEF means Investing in our Kids


What drives us every day at the Redondo Beach Education Foundation (RBEF) is the truth we are raising children who will run the cities, the businesses, and the world one day. We want the opportunity to provide our kids with the best, most creative, and well-rounded education, yet state and federal funding for California schools has decreased in recent years. It is consistently not enough to support the arts, STEM, and college and career readiness programs that Redondo Beach Unified School District (RBUSD) provides our students.

RBUSD relies on its partnerships with RBEF to support their mission of providing every student the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a global society, today and in the future. We work together to support the development of the “whole child.”

Our mission is to enrich the educational experience of every student in our community through fundraising that supplements state funds supporting staff and instructional programs. We are the only organization that can raise funds for additional staff and district-sponsored programs.

Our annual fundraising goal is determined by the specific needs identified by RBUSD. We raise money that supports every school and every student in RBUSD. Last month, we presented RBUSD with a record-breaking $1,011,000 check. This is RBEF’s largest grant to date.

If you would like to join us in our efforts to support the development of the “whole child,” consider making an annual investment in RBEF! You can participate in our Annual Investor Drive by donate online at

Thank you so much for your investment in our kids!